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Flame PR: Your company has a story, We’ll help you tell it.

A rich news heritage

We're an expert public relations team that have worked in the most trusted newsrooms in the country, shaping the news agendas for two decades.

Our enviable experiences in local, national and international news across television, radio and online has placed Flame PR as the agency with inside knowledge of the burning issues on the news agenda.

Top tier results

Flame PR leads the field through our high profile coverage in broadcast, print and digital media. Over the years we have amassed an impressive portfolio for our clients that includes the most recognised names in the media industry.

Only when we fully understand the ethos of your company will we form an in-depth media strategy. We will compliment your own requirements and get the right people talking about your business.

A proactive approach

Our proactive approach has helped us secure tangible results for our clients, which fit hand-in-glove with the business development objectives of the company. Our world class campaigns deliver growth.



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Flame PR have proved to be a valuable asset to our organisation and helped us make great strides in our public profile.

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